Mince Pie & Brandy Cream Candle

Mince Pie & Brandy Cream Candle

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Freshly baked buttery mince pies with a fig, apple, sultana and raisin filling still warm from the oven. The warmth of cinnamon, almonds and zesty orange peel are infused in an intoxicating boozy brandy cream. Decorated with star anise and bio degradable glitter. 

This candle is set in an amber apothecary jar which emits a cosy, warm glow when lit - perfect for those chilled nights in. All of our jars are fully recyclable, or can be upcycled into something else such as trinket pots or bud jars. Or simply return 6 empty jars back to us for a free candle (read about our loyalty scheme here).

- Vegan friendly
- Eco conscious
- Fully biodegradable packaging
- No colours or dyes
- Made in Yorkshire with local supplies

Available in 60g, 120g 180g and 500g (3 wick) jars.

* cotton gift bags are not included on sale items.