Coconut Macaroon Soy Melts

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Warm, toasted coconut macaroons fresh from the oven - a cosy fragrance that brings a tropical twist to any space. Decorated with dried coconut flakes.

All of our melts are lovingly hand poured in very small batches to ensure the highest quality is always achieved. We only use the maximum concentration of fragrance oils possible in our soy wax to make sure your space smells beautiful for hours.

Instructions for use
For use with tealight or electric wax burners. Place one wax melt onto the burner and let it completely melt to disperse the scent. These melts are highly scented which means you can reuse over and over again.

- Approx. 90g
- Approx. 20 Hours Burn 
- Vegan friendly
- Eco conscious
- Fully biodegradable packaging
- No colours or dyes
- Made in Yorkshire with local supplies