All of our candle jars and diffuser bottles can be upcycled into something new once your candle has fully burnt down such as trinket pots, bud jars or just for looking great on a shelf. Simply wash out with a little soap and water and they'll be good as new. However if you would prefer a free candle instead (and lets face it, who doesn't want free candles?!) just save up 6 bottles or jars of the same size and send these back to us for a completely free candle in a scent of your choice! 

How to claim

* Please print off this form and pop it into the package you are sending us to:

Solely Soy
12 Saville Road

* Please make sure that the items you are sending back to us are nicely protected to avoid breakages to the glass and lids, as we cannot fulfil this offer if any breakages occur.

* All of the jars or bottles that you are sending us need to be the same size to qualify for a free candle, for example send us 6 x 120g jars for a free 120g candle.

* Don't worry about washing out any of the bottles or jars, please just send them as they are.

 * This offer is only valid on our glass amber jars and bottles. It is not applicable to candle or melt tins or the natural collection.